SV Global Consulting  brings the Silicon Valley, California perspective to educational and government institutions looking to nurture and train their entrepreneurs.  We can go on-site to your location or help create a  Silicon Valley program for on-the-ground exposure to the world’s most productive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We create on the ground Silicon Valley bootcamps for international groups that want to experience entrepreneurship in the world’s most advanced ecosystem.  These bootcamps include classroom talks by entrepreneurs and investors, visits to companies,  evening entrepreneurship events and mentorship.  There is no substitute for a Silicon Valley emersion experience to create an understanding of startup dynamics.

We can provide personalized advisory to assist high potential, scalable entrepreneurial companies with all aspects of business management and business development.  One focus is on helping firms realize value for the assets they have created, either by partnering with corporations that have resource,  positioning for institutional/venture investment or merging/exiting the business through a strategic corporate or asset sale.  We also focus on enterprise growth taking a capital efficient approach.  We take engagements as interim executive to start,  grow, partner or refocus companies to an inflection point.

We lead or augment the efforts of existing management in business development by creating a strategy, formulating the plan, developing the communications package and shepherding the business development process, depending on a client’s needs.  We can work intensively as a member of the client’s team, devoting as much time as needed to accomplish a transaction.  Unlike an investment bank, our flexibility allows us razor-like focus on one client at a time when needed to maximize results.  We can access a powerful network of connections to gain entree into target companies and are tenacious about closing deals.

The business development process may include preparation of the formal “pitch” presentation, identifying target companies, facilitating meetings, managing due diligence,  leading negotiations of confidentiality agreements, term sheets and definitive agreements.

When firms need to become more capital efficient for a longer runway or wish to pursue an M&A strategy, we play a role.   We help plan and execute the best strategy for optimizing corporate assets and shareholder value.  We will lead fundraising efforts:  creating the pitch presentation, leading the roadshow, establishing valuation, managing diligence and the data room, leading negotiations, managing legal counsel and closing the deal.

We have an extensive group of industry connections in large corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, venture capital, industry organizations, the academic community and top tier service providers.   These connections throughout science and technology-based industry in the United States and internationally provide leverage to our clients.

Our Silicon Valley base is ideal for foreign companies wishing to establish a US presence in the world’s premier entrepreneurial center.  We can help international companies set up operations,  introduce them to the Silicon Valley ecosystem, refine their business plan for the US market and serve as their US representative.  Our global orientation derives from direct experience in Russia, Latin America, Western Europe and the Middle East.

We work flexibly with clients depending on their needs – on a project, part-time for a dedicated period, as virtual management, an internal strategic advisor or external negotiator.  Interim roles may include CEO, COO or VP Business Development.   We will take an active role in the client company to fill a short-term gap or act for the medium-term.  We act as advisors to management teams on ways to build a successful business or to extract value near-term.  We assist investors on issues or opportunities in their portfolio companies, lead repositioning/restructuring, conduct management audits and provide diligence on current or potential investments.  Regardless of the role, we take on the company’s challenges and opportunities as our own.

We maintain an extensive network of consultants, service providers and top tier professional service firms in different capacities to augment our capabilities.  Through these resources, we can add to our business consulting capability with counsel in R&D, project management, clinical and regulatory, alliance management, market research studies, corporate legal, transactional legal, intellectual property, finance, facilities, graphic design and communications.  We can assemble teams with the optimal skill-set and industry knowledge as needed.

Our hands-on style is suited to the entrepreneurial environment in which we operate.  We are not just strategists; we roll up our sleeves and execute.  We can establish the operational infrastructure for a virtual model or fully built-out operation.  We go on the road to see prospects.  We write website copy.  We attend conferences and interview key opinion leaders.   We operate as part of the team.

We have deep experience in solving difficult business problems, developing the analytics to make decisions on resource allocation and investment, creating a market-based strategy in science-driven companies, assessing growth opportunities and taking an incisive view of the business.   Our approach draws on the analytical base of strategy consulting methodology, market research, knowledge of venture capital and the financial markets.

For more information or to discuss a situation, contact Stephanie Marrus.

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